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With crypto sports betting becoming one of the most popular ways to bet, players are looking for ways to increase their knowledge. Bitedge is the premiere site on the market for learning about crypto sports betting. We cover the best crypto betting sites, regular blogs and reviews, crypto betting guides, and much more! If you want to become a crypto bettor, let Bitedge help you on your journey.


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The Top 5 New Crypto Sportsbooks

  1. N1Bet - Best Overall New Crypto Sportsbook
  2. Club Riches – Best for Many Payment Methods
  3. 888Starz – Best for Mobile Play
  4. Coinplay – Best for Cryptocurrency Choice
  5. Crashino – Best for Provably Fair Games

Who We Are?

Knowing who we are is an essential part of gaining your trust. We are dedicated to providing the best crypto betting advice available. Learn who we are so that you can become part of the Bitedge family.

Our History

Bitedge is the latest iteration of the best crypto betting site on the market. It’s the product of hard work from our founder, a professional sports bettor. Starting in 2006, it was a betting journey with many twists and turns, including working with betting companies. By 2013 he had moved to solely crypto betting. This was an eye-opening experience. Not only did it show our founder that crypto provides the best odds, but it also provides more freedom and security to players. Bitedge first started in 2009 as the Australian Sports Betting Guide. Our founder set this up while he was working at Betfair in Australia. Unfortunately, a hack took this site down just as it gained traction. By 2012, our founder was ready to try again. He set up two different sites, but by this time, the market was filled with similar sites, all using substantial marketing budgets to rise above superior sites. Our founder realized that he needed something to differentiate what he had to offer. He drew on his success with crypto betting to try and create a site that would provide players with the highest value content available. The result was the Bitcoin Betting Exchange. This was formed in 2013, but by 2019 our founder decided it needed a snappier name. That was when Bitedge was born.

Our Team

The Bitedge team comprises the most knowledgeable crypto enthusiasts on the planet. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and hails from the UK, USA, Spain, Nigeria, and others. A combined 50 years of crypto knowledge and almost 100 years of betting knowledge makes this the most well-informed team in the industry. This helps us to provide the best content on the market.

Our Mission

At Bitedge, our mission is to help our users to the best of our ability. Because of this, we personally test every site we review. If the site is good enough for us, then we know it will be good enough for our users. We carry that same ethos into every guide and blog that we write.

Our Achievements

We aim to provide players with the best choice of crypto sportsbooks. We do this by using our experience to write the best reviews. Our finest achievement is knowing that users will have the best possible crypto sports betting experience when using Bitedge.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Bitedge

If you’ve chosen Bitedge to help you on your crypto gambling journey, you will already know what we offer. If you’re new to our site, here are the top reasons you should choose to play with Bitedge.
  • We’ve been in the crypto sports betting industry for a long time. We have the experience to back up what we say
  • We are dedicated to helping players. We only recommend completely trustworthy sites.
  • We can provide exclusive bonus deals. These are deals that are better than the standard ones on offer. You can’t find them anywhere else.
  • We provide the best guides in the industry. If you’re new to sports betting, there is nowhere better to learn about it than Bitedge
  • We have the best tools to help you find the best value bets. Whatever you need, our tools will help you with your betting.
  • We are the most trusted crypto sports betting site on the market. If you’re getting started with crypto betting, we are the best.

Why You Should Use Cryptocurrencies for Online Betting?

Cryptocurrency is a fantastic alternative to fiat currency for online sports betting. Here are some top reasons why it’s the right choice for you!


When you play with cryptocurrency, your bank cannot keep tabs on your financial actions. This is hugely important if you want a loan or a mortgage. Activity at sports betting sites can often be unfairly used against you by banks. You can retain your privacy if you use crypto to play at sports betting sites.


Remaining anonymous is hugely important in the internet era. Identity theft can lead to huge problems. Playing with cryptocurrency means that you can retain your anonymity. You can play completely anonymously if your chosen site doesn’t have KYC verification. Using crypto will shield your data, making fraud much harder.


Crypto payments have the most advanced security protocols in the world. As long as you protect your keys, then hackers cannot steal your crypto. This isn’t possible with fiat payments. By using crypto, you are paying in the most secure fashion.

Instant Payments

Payments are carried out almost instantly. Cryptocurrency will complete even the slowest payments within an hour. Fiat currencies can take up to 5 working days to complete transfers. By choosing to play with crypto, you can get instant access to your funds.


While most cryptos will have gas fees associated with them, they are still significantly lower than traditional transaction fees. You can transfer money anywhere in the world for a fraction of the cost of sending fiat. It makes crypto the cheapest way to send money.

Encryption and Validation

Cryptocurrency uses extremely secure algorithms to encrypt its data. Users also have validation keys to prove they own the cryptocurrency. No other currency provides so many barriers to fraud and theft. It ensures crypto users have the lowest risk of their funds being stolen.

Cryptocurrencies that Bitedge Supports

Users can use many different cryptocurrencies for betting. We’ve collated a list of the top cryptos that you can use. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Binance Coin, Cardano, Doge, EOS, Tron, Tether, Monero, Ripple, and Zcash.


Is betting with cryptocurrency safe & legit?

As long as you choose to play at a trustworthy crypto-betting site, yes, it is. All of the crypto sportsbooks that we cover at Bitedge are legitimate sites. If you choose a Bitedge-recommended site, then you can trust it completely.

Why is crypto betting better than regular online sportsbooks?

Crypto betting is better than regular sports betting for several reasons. One of the biggest is that it offers faster access to funds and higher levels of security. With improved bonuses and better odds on top of this, it’s the best way to bet.

Are cryptocurrency betting bonuses better than regular bonuses?

It depends on the site that you’re playing at. Most crypto bonuses are better than regular bonuses because they can increase in value. Some crypto bonuses will also offer better wagering requirements.

Is it possible to play any game on a Bitcoin betting site?

It depends on the site that you’re playing at. Most sites only feature games from specific developers. So, to access all available games, you’ll need to sign up at multiple sites.

What are the most popular Bitcoin games?

The most popular Bitcoin games are Bitcoin slots. Slots provide the most excitement. Bitcoin sports betting is also extremely popular. With many different betting choices, it provides much more than most other forms of betting.

How do I make sure the casino is a trusted one?

To ensure the site you want to play at is trusted, choose one we recommend. We only recommend completely trustworthy sites. Make sure you protect yourself by choosing the best crypto sportsbook with Bitedge!